New limited box set -

New limited box set - "Edgar Wallace Gesamtedition"

It's said to be the longest and most successul cinema series of all time. Now the complete anthology is available on 33 blu-rays or DVDs!

November 05, 2021

It is impossible not to be captivated by Edgar Wallace! The movie series, which is based on author Edgar Wallace's crime works is the longest and most successful movie anthology of all times. This complete edition is organized chronologically and includes the famous RIALTO films of the years 1956 - 1972 on 33 DVDs / Blu-Rays. Besides this, the bonus movie "Der Fluch Der Gelben Schlange" (the curse of the yellow snake) is included and released for the first time on Blu-Ray! Additionally, there is a vast array of bonus material on a seperate DVD and a 36-page booklet with the films' original movie posters. Last but not least, there will be a soundtrack CD included by Edgar Wallace composer Peter Thomas and two tracks written by film score composer Martin Böttcher with the first edition of the box set, which is strictly limited to 2000 copies. 

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Limited Box Set
Edgar Wallace Gesamtedition

The Sound of Edgar Wallace 

Release date
November 5, 2021


Blu-Ray+CD, DVD+CD

1. Der Hexer
2. Der Hund von Blackwood Castle  
3. Der unheimliche Mönch   
4. Der Gorilla von Soho   
5. Der Bucklige von Soho  
6. Die blaue Hand
7. Der Zinker 
8. Die Gruft mit dem Rätselschloss
9. Theme for Lucy
10. Susan & Jim 
11. Aha! 
12. Walking Dandy
13. Das Geheimnis der weißen Nonne
14. Der Mönch mit der Peitsche
15. The Hump  
16. Sitar Cha-Cha
17. The Space of Today
18. Der Mann mit dem Glasauge
19. Hit Him Where It Hurts
20. Bossa For Jane
21. Nora


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