• We take care of coordinating the registration of your musical works with the collecting societies. As publishers, we are direct members of GEMA, AKM/AUME and SUISA and communicate directly with the collecting societies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, we work with an international network of independent publishers who ensure that you receive the royalties due to you more easily and quickly, no matter where in the world your music is played. 
• We register your works in order to make sure that your intellectual property and exact shares are protected under copyright law, and ensure that you are properly compensated as the author.
• We provide orchestras with rental sheet music and material.

• We analyze your colleting society royalties to make sure you received the amount you rightfully deserve. If this is not the case, we will reclaim your income for you to receive the remainder of your royalties. 
• We upload your sound files for digital monitoring to make sure every play on TV, advertisement and on online platforms is accounted for. 
• We check every one of your concerts for the right data registration and correct any mistakes.
• We have a direct deal with a global lyrics licensing company, so we have more control of monetizing and tracking the use of your lyrics online. 

• Our royalty department combines all different income types to provide you with an accurate and compact overview over your royalty income. More than that, we are there to answer any questions you have about different income types. 

• Together with you we develop an individual strategy of what ways of utilization are best for your type of music in your specific situation.  
• We pitch your music for the use in different media types, e.g. film and TV, advertisement, video games. See examples of what we have placed here *Link to placements* 
• If you haven’t found the right environment yet, we will use our connections to help you approach possible label, booking, distribution, merchandise partners to further your career. 
• We connect you to possible co-writing partners and organize songwriting camps. 
• We’re in contact with labels looking for songs for specific projects and will actively plug your works to suitable artists if you want to write for others. 

• We use our expertise to negotiate (after consulting you) an adequate fee for your music to be used in the media (incl. TV & film, advertisements, on stage, in video games, as sheet music, in (audio)books and more), we lead the licensing process, negotiate and draw up contracts on your behalf. 
• With the same dedication we lead the licensing process for remix, amendment, compilation or sample requests of your works. 
• We have an eye on illicit use of your works and will initiate the steps to remove or monetize your content.