Robert Dietz - new EP

Robert Dietz - new EP "Schnups"

Former Rhein-Main homie and Robert Johnson resident Robert Dietz debuts first release on Live At Robert Johnson 

July 09, 2021

Robert Dietz finally debuts his first release on Live At Robert Johnson at Catalogue No. 069, which (as you may know) is the local area code of both Frankfurt and Offenbach am Main—where the Robert Johnson Club still holds strong. Being a seasoned DJ and producer, Robert Dietz surely sets the controls to a four-track Vinyl, with pleasing electroid-technoid sonic textures and subtle Acid figures, throughout this EP. 

With its playful and uplifting vibe, A1 "Kirby" might just be inspired by the Jump’n’Run character by the same name, who may be easily imagined along that happy Acid bassline bubbling amidst synth-pads and electroid beats. 

image.gifimage.gifA2 "Honey Stash" relies on a 303-esque hook bolted on a solid four-to-the-floor Kick Drum, which soon evolves into an acid-trancey flair, thanks to some kind of mangled reverb introduced at the end of the first third. By adding a vocal sample and steady-handed work on the Filter section, this track provides extra energy for the next levels to come. 

B1 "Swallowing Tubes" has that soft yet driving Electro aesthetic, pads, and Arpeggio, reminiscent of morning hours in decades’ past. 

B2 "WAW" completes this EP with a melancholic vibe on a straight beat, haunting vowel-pads, and lots of sonic space in-between its harmonic elements.

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Robert Dietz 

Release date
July 9, 2021

Live At Robert Johnson 

Digital | Vinyl LP 

A1 Kirby
A2 Honey Stash
B1 Swallowing Tubes

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