Mad Hatter's Daughter - new single

Mad Hatter's Daughter - new single "Wolves"

Alt pop duo Mad Hatter's daughter release an enchanting video for their newest single. 

July 07, 2021

 ""Wolves" is a double sided single so have a listen to the B-side "Boundaries" as well - a rather different vibe closer to our acoustic roots and another song we are incredibly proud of.

A special thanks goes out to the whole video crew. They've worked tirelessly creating and shooting the music video which was organised and shot in record time! The team behind the band is the best we could ever hope for. We are so lucky to have such an incredibly creative and hardworking team behind us!"

- Mad Hatter's Daughter

Listen to "Wolves" here:

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Mad Hatter's Daughter

Release date
July 2, 2021

Urban Acoustics


1. Wolves
2. The House Of My Head
3. Boundaries

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