SCHATTENMANN - new single

SCHATTENMANN - new single "Cosima"

With their new single, SCHATTENMANN are dropping a bombshell by starting the pre-sale for their upcoming record. 

June 25, 2021

Chaos will hit the streets on November 5th 2021. But do not believe that the complete album will sound like this new single, disbelievers will be proved wrong in the end for sure. "Cosima" is a very special song, but the core of it has got the same amount of social criticism as other tracks on the album and poses a question: does mankind still need true and real love? The band created the videoclip completely on their own and it is complementing the song to a audiovisual total work of art. Absolutely worth seeing, thought-provoking and it still leaves an aftertaste despite of the entertainment-factor.

Watch the music video here: 

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Release date
June 25, 2021

AFM Records


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