Sisa Me - new EP

Sisa Me - new EP "Seeing The Good In The Bad"

Raggae and indie music artist collective Sisa Me release their debut EP "Seeing The Good In The Bad".

March 11, 2021

Sisa Me is a collective of Berlin's finest indie and reggae musicians and producers, such as Gidon Carmel (Children, Alberta Cross, Amistat) or Claudio Jolowicz (Bitty McLean, Ken Booth, Magic Touch). They are here to bring the organic back into pop music. Melodic hooks backed by a full horn section, jagged guitars and heavy bass form a genre-bending cocktail of singer-songwriter pop and dub, free from pigeon holes and labels.

Listen to Sisa Me's Seeing The Good In The Bad EP below or here.  

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Seeing The Good In The Bad 

Sisa Me 

Release date
March 11, 2021

La Gorda Records


1. Bohemian Child (feat. Mariama)
2. Tic Tac (feat. Avia Shoshani & Lengualerta)
3. Silver Tongue
4. Bitter Recognize (feat. Jessica McIntyre) 
5. Slack Chin (feat. Avia Shoshani)
6. Believer
7. Little Tiger (feat. Avia Shoshani)
8. Bohemian Child (Aldubb Dub Mix)
9. Slack Chin (Mad Professor Dub Mix) 

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