The Jacques release debut album

The Jacques release debut album "The Four Five Three"

The genre bending UK-based band The Jacques release their very promising first album today! 

November 06, 2020

Is it possible to remain an enigma when you are part of a scene that celebrates - however appositely - its own conformity? Perhaps the emergence of a band like The Jacques is evidence enough that the time-honoured tradition of kicking against the pricks is alive and well and living in a part of London you’re not meant to know about. The Jacques have been variously described as gritty, distorted, lush, dreamy, discordant, infectious, inventive, evocative, romantic and ludicrous, and everything from the “absurd” and “straight up grotesque” to the “tongue in cheek”  - so good luck with getting to the heart of the matter. For the record we like to think of them as one of the most original and exciting bands to have burst onto the British music scene in recent years, and one that refuses to be suffocated by genre classification.

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The Four Five Three

The Jacques

Release date
November 6, 2020

Modern Sky / Rough Trade

CD | Vinyl | Digital 

1.Born Sore 
2. Kiss The Pharaoh 
3. Swift Martin
4. Do Me For A Fool
5. The Ugliest Look
6. Count On Me Pt.1
7. Tiny Fuzzy Parasite
8. Cradle
9. Count On Me Pt. 2
10. Holy Mamacita
11. Hendrik
12. Taste The Mexican Sun
13. God's Lick 

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