Soulounge feat. Frieder Hepting - New Single

Soulounge feat. Frieder Hepting - New Single "Natascha (Main Theme Soulounge Vocal Version)"

Soulounge present vocal version of film score theme by renowned film composer Peter Thomas.

July 21, 2023

Soulounge are always up for a surprise. Just recently, they opened their stage for talented singers from the audience, and now they covered a song that doesn't really fit into their original repertoire.

In 1968, Rialto Film released "Van de Velde: Die vollkommene Ehe" (Van de Velde: The Perfect Marriage) in German cinemas, followed by "Van de Velde: Das Leben zu zweit – Die Sexualität in der Ehe" (Van de Velde: Life Together - Sexuality in Marriage) in '69. Both were educational films that were en vouge at that time, based on the work of the Dutch gynecologist Theodoor Hendrik van de Velde. The music for these films was composed by the legendary film composer Peter Thomas, known for creating soundtracks for "Raumpatrouille Orion," the "Jerry-Cotton" series, and several "Edgar Wallace" films.

"Natascha (Main Theme)," performed by the Peter Thomas Sound Orchester, is the main theme - a melancholic and atmospheric instrumental piece. The Soulounge feat. Frieder Hepting version is based on samples from the original and Irish Tom Dune added lyrics. The song tells the story of a longing infatuation with an unknown woman. With a modern groove, shining backing vocals, and, of course, soulful guitar and keyboard parts, "Natascha (Main Theme Soulounge Vocal Version)" merges the present and the past into something never heard before.

You can listen to the track here!

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Natascha (Main Theme Soulounge Vocal Version)

Soulounge feat. Frieder Hepting

Release date
July 21, 2023

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