Paolo Baldini DubFiles Meets Noiseshaper - new album "Shaping The Noise"

"Noiseshaper" are working and collaborating with the new technological dimension of modern dub: Paolo Baldini from Italy. 

June 18, 2021

Baldini's stunning excursion into deep dub, chilling dub and dubble-tough dub will reach the DubFiles into perfection @ SHAPING THE NOISE. 

Paolo Baldini’s handling of this mission has been exemplary: his production and remixing skills are pleasingly individualistic, retaining plenty of originality and professionalism without seeming stoic, dull or contrived. His collaborations with Mellow Mood, Hempress Sativa, Dub Fx and others are showing faith of what DUB is living for. Since 2007 Paolo Baldini works under the top level name "Alambic Conspiracy" and became world class dub extraordinary performer, bass player, mixologist, producer and provocateur...!    

Listen to "Shaping The Noise" here

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Paolo Baldini DubFiles Meets Noiseshaper:
Shaping The Noise

Paolo Baldini DubFiles & Noiseshaper 

Release date
June 18, 2021

Echo Beach


2. Walking
4. Bushmaster
8. Love To The Rhythm 

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