EvOLu - new single

EvOLu - new single "As The Sun Fades Away (Berlin Remake)"

Following up on EvOLu’s debut album 00:00:00, which was released in February this year, now comes a new single from the Berlin-based Swedish artist. 

June 11, 2021

EvOLu influences come from the vaults of late ’70s, early ’80s, Berlin’s club scene, sci-fi and horror film music. EvOLu creates a sound of dark electronic waves with catchy hooks of tomorrow. RetroFuture.

The new single brings light to the dark, and is built on a steady electro beat that both supports the emotions of the bittersweet lyrics and invites you to the dance floor.

The man behind EvOLu – multiinstrumentalist Richard Solstjärna – has previously worked with Sweden’s alternative pop princesses Ida Long and SoLBLoMMa, the Berlin-based electro synth duo Noblesse Oblige, Swedish producers Andreas Ahlenius (Sabia, Miss Li, Marty Willson-Piper, Di Leva), Christer Bjorklund (Robyn, Papa Dee, Di Leva), Håkan Nilsson (Di Leva), and the Berlin house producer Michael Lovatt - just to name a few. Richard Solstjärna has also collaborated with the Swedish pop wizard Thomas Di Leva, and been a member of the punk pioneers PF Commando, the post-punk/avantgarde band Modaern Art, post-punk/goth band The Bizarre Orkeztra, electro goth band Metal Mean Machine.

Listen to "As The Sun Fades Away" below or on all platforms here

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As The Sun Fades Away (Berlin Remake)


Release date
June 11, 2021



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