Whatitdo Archive Group - new album

Whatitdo Archive Group - new album "The Black Stone Affair"

The long lost soundtrack to the Italian spaghetti western "The Black Stone Affair" has finally been recovered and released. 

April 09, 2021

For the first time ever Whatitdo Archive Group release the long lost soundtrack to the Italian Cinematic Masterpiece "The Black Stone Affair'' on beautiful gatefold vinyl, CD and digital format on April 09 2021. Long thought to be lost alongside the movie itself by the production studio, the soundtrack's master reels were recently recovered and its audio meticulously restored and remastered by J.J. Golden in Ventura, CA.

While the movie never saw the light of day, the soundtrack by obscure band Whatitdo Archive Group has thankfully been recovered. The music itself is staggering to hear, each track evoking all the senses almost all at once. "The Black Stone Affair (Main Theme)" sets the story with its dizzying bassline underneath a Morricone-esque harpsichord melody eventually all digressing into a psych-freakout of guitars swirling over what is the overarching motif groove of this iconic soundtrack.

Get the album here or listen it on all streaming platforms. 

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The Black Stone Affair

Whatitdo Archive Group

Release date
April 9, 2021

Record Kicks

Digital | Vinyl 

1. The Black Stone Affair (Main Theme) 
2. Blood Chief (Main Theme) 
3. Ethiopian Airlines
4. II Furto Di Africo
5. Italian Love Triagle 
6. Last Train To Budapest
7. L'amour Au Centre De La Terre
8. The Black Stone Affair (Reprise)
9. Farewell Lola
10. Beumont's Lament
11. The Return Of Beumont Jenkins (feat. Alessandro Alessandroni Jr) 
12. La Pietra (Non-Album Bonus Track) 

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