Happy Release Day! DJ T. - Ready To Shine

Happy Release Day! DJ T. - Ready To Shine

Today's the day where DJ T.'s new single "Ready To Shine" is released and ready to hit the dancefloors worldwide.

November 29, 2019

DJ T. is back on Get Physical Music with more of his authentic, well informed dance floor gold.

DJ T. is an increasingly regular presence on the label having put out a number of singles in the last year as well as releasing on the likes of Play It Say It. He is a venerated veteran who has done everything from open clubs to edit magazines and release wide ranging full lengths. His finger remains firmly on the pulse of the freshest underground sounds despite such a long career.

The track itself is a dazzling affair with a chugging groove overlaid with brilliant Italo melodies. The slick production is warm and colourful and makes for a future retro affair with a squelchy bassline that is guaranteed to get hands in the air.

You can always rely on DJ T. to serve up timeless cuts and that’s just what he does here with a record that also provides an early taster of his ‘Transorient Express’ LP scheduled for next year.

The track now is part of Spotify's "Electronic Rising" playlist: https://spoti.fi/35OOz4K

It also got added to Get Physical Music's "Welcome To Our House" playlist on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer: https://getphysicalmusic.lnk.to/wtoh

Get the track here: https://getphysicalmusic.lnk.to/GPM554

Ready To Shine


Get Physical Music

Release date
November 29, 2019


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