they owe us - New video

they owe us - New video "Harvest Time" and debut album announced

they owe us will release their debut full-length "Broken English & Sad Serenades" on June 7, 2019 – an album that revels in unique arrangements and sonic palettes. Today, the band shares a new video: "Harvest Time".

April 24, 2019

The enticing "Harvest Time" follows a young duo on a scenic journey full of mischievous antics. The track is a braid of glitching MPC drum machine, sampled East German guitar, Roland Juno pitch bend, tight hearts and high hopes about a new and better tomorrow.

Much like in the "Harvest Time" video, they owe us is a duo who play music without any rules. The two Swedes, Rane and Kris, were both cast as outsiders in their formative years and found escape through music. Their meeting was a fortuity waiting to happen.

Before forming they owe us, Rane and Kris – both producers/musicians – would help out multitudes of bands for almost nothing... some studio time, gig exchanges, etc. The band name "they owe us" pokes fun at their past history, and declares their time to shine.

Broken English & Sad Serenades is a collection of songs with wide ranging influences from Beach Boys to Kraftwerk, colored with homemade drums and grumpy, analog synthesizers. The album was written, performed, recorded, and produced by they owe us, with Reine Fiske (Dungen) on guitars, and was mixed by Hans Olsson Brookes. The 13 tracks stand as a rather apt analog for what will surely be the first of many musical explorations by they owe us, a project whose shared roots, while just starting to dig in, already go deep.


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