Sebastian Hämer – Immer Wenn Die Träume Gehen

Sebastian Hämer – Immer Wenn Die Träume Gehen

Sebastian Hämer has a promising start into 2019 with his new single „Immer Wenn Die Träume Gehen“.

February 08, 2019

The track is the outcome of Hämer’s collabortion with the DJ DAYNE S and skillfully shows the combination of his distinctive voice with electronic beats.
Although there is quite a thoughtful touch to the lyrics of „Immer Wenn Die Träume Gehen“, the sound carries a captivating easiness.

This new sound was already successfully introduced with his prior releases „Ich Sehne Mich Nach Dir“ and „Hoffnung“.

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Immer Wenn Die Träume Gehen

Sebastian Hämer

Heart Of Berlin

Release date
February 08, 2019


Photo credits:

Photos by Chris Ruiz

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