Declan J Donovon – Pieces

Declan J Donovon – Pieces

With his single „Pieces“ UK based singer-songwriter Declan J Donovan offers a lyrical and expressive track that keeps on climbing the German airplay charts. Keep at it!

December 12, 2018

With his latest offering „Pieces“ Declan not only shows his great grasp for melody and feeling, the track also comes with a high class production, perfectly fitting Declan's songwriting style and bringing out all the song's emotional depth.

Check out the official video for „Pieces“ here:

The song centres on a two-way conversation between him and a friend who’s going through a difficult time — where they tussle over the latter’s experience of feeling lost and dejected. “It’s about letting your friends know that you’re still here”, Declan explains.

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Declan J Donovan

Epic Germany

Release date
October 12, 2018


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