M.O.M. - These Are The Magic Days

"These Are The Magic Days" is the new kids album by M.o.M. - the alter ego of Princess Superstar.

October 15, 2018

M.o.M. aka Princess Superstar is the cutting edge chart-topping rapper who ironically topped the charts with her hit “Bad Babysitter” back in the day.
Her new project These Are The Magic Days! is dedicated to nurturing remarkable human beings by teaching them connection, empathy, peaceful parenting and love for themselves and others.

When M.o.M. had her child seven years ago, she had a vision to add something special to the world. M.o.M. recently formed a partnership with the non-profit Fractured Atlas to release her album for free to enable it to reach the whole world easily and for free, spreading the message of EQ (emotional intelligence) which she has found so impactful in her own parenting.
Produced by Nacey, C.Fire, Steve Starks and The Rural. Mixed and Mastered by Curtis Curtis in NYC. Exec Producers Curtis Curtis and Kimberly Haynes.

This album was inspired by International Scherick and Grace Courageous, who are pioneers in children’s emotional intelligence. Also by Dr. Laura Markham of Aha Parenting. And of course by Siren Ortega, M.o.M.’s magical 7 year old daughter who has opened up a magical portal for M.o.M. and inspires her to be a better, more loving and patient person every day.

The song is dedicated to moms everywhere who get super angry and freak out their kids :-) It's important for kids to know how to deal with their parent's anger and to still feel loved in the middle of it . This song supports both moms and kids in having a new experience with anger!

Electronic usage is turning into an epidemic around the world, so M.O.M. urges us all to put down the iPad and put down the phone-  so we don’t have to be together and alone!


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These Are The Magic Days


Princess Superstar Records

Release date
October 12, 2018


01. These Are The Magic Days
02. Put Down Your IPad I'll Put Down My Phone
03. I'm Runnin' Away
04. Momster
05. Feel Your Feelings
06. Shout Out Loud That I Love Myself
07. The Lullaby
08. Intuition

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