Jeff Lorber Fusion - Impact

Jeff Lorber Fusion - Impact

With the latest album "Impact" the Grammy Award winning Jeff Lorber Fusion delivers a fresh funky, jazzy Fusion opus for the groove-hungry.

November 09, 2018

After winning this year's Grammy for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album, Jeff Lorber Fusion did not take a rest: Instead the new album "Impact" was released in August, delivering one instrumental Fusion highlight after the other.

The 10 tracks on "Impact" depict the perfect alliance of Jazz and Funk, full of groove, melody, improvisations and creativity.

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Jeff Lorber Fusion

Shanachie (in-Akustik)

Release date
August 17, 2018

CD / Digital

01. Sport Coat Makes Good
02. Pasadena City
03. Citizenship
04. Highline
05. Opt In
06. Quest
07. Sunny Sounds
08. Companion
09. Arda
10. Valinor


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