3 Sekunden Island – debut album

3 Sekunden Island – debut album

Today 3 Sekunden Island releases his self-titled debut album via [PIAS] Germany. Happy release day!

August 17, 2018

3 Sekunden Island is the project of the Berlin based musician Thomas Kaczerowski. His first album as 3 Sekunden Island is a debut to some extent, though numerous other projects and chapters preceded. In this way the album not only represents a restart but also merges Thomas‘ experiences and personal adventures into a wonderful and agravic piece of music.

The album tells of an inner and outer journey, leading him from Iceland to North Africa, from DJ sets in legendary techno clubs to very introspective moments alone with his guitar in an old bus. This album’s 10 tracks tell of the great art of reduction to what is substantial containing all of the experiences Thomas made. They refer to great malice and small luck – and always to find the great in little. All this summarized in one name, being catchy and quirky at the same time, thus reflecting what is to find in 3 Sekunden Island's music.

Once a well-booked DJ, Thomas casually produced his own music under the name THOKA. Shortly after the release of his album a DJ with the same name appeared and forced Thomas to let the CD disappear.
What first sounds like a huge throwback, turned out to be a blessing at the end: Thomas recalled his apartement in Cologne got into his old VW-bus and travalled around for nearly one year overall. Main object of his travels was Iceland returning back over Scandinavia, all through Europe to Marocco. The journey and the huge amount of impressions also inspired Thomas music-wise, leading to a variety of songs of his very own reduced sound aesthetics.

Also new lyrics came into existence and though centering on personal situations they leave enough room for own interpretations and a individual connection. The main impact and reason for this is Iceland, being a huge influence, fascination and quiet point for Thomas. A passion that projects directly on his music and of course holds a special place in this project’s name.
And why „3 Sekunden“ (3 seconds)? "3 Sekunden" is to be the feeling that occurs before a single thought, that only belongs to intuition. 

Of course one can hear 3 Sekunden Island‘s influences on his debut, such as Ásgeir, Enno Bunger, Mogli or Philipp Dittberner. But Thomas – or 3 Sekunden Island – creates his very own musical individuality, standing for the characteristics of this special musician.

Listen to 3 Sekunden Island on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2nMVrvk

Follow 3 Sekunden Island:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3sekundenisland/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/3sekundenisland/
Website: http://www.dreisekundenisland.de

Order the album here: http://smarturl.it/3sekundenisland

3 Sekunden Island

3 Sekunden island

[PIAS] Germany (Rough Trade)

Release date
August 17th, 2018

CD / LP / Digital

01. Beginn
02. Polarlicht
03. Haus hinter dem Mond
04. Blau feat. Ósk
05. Emelie
06. Sommertag Berlin
07. Division
08. Wolf
09. Morgentau
10. 3 Sekunden

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