Cosmo Sheldrake - New album

Cosmo Sheldrake - New album "Eye To The Ear"

An auditory journey through the unseen – the new album offers a unique exploration of nature's hidden sounds.

April 12, 2024

Cosmo Sheldrake's latest album, "Eye To The Ear," is a testament to his unique approach to music, blending a mixture of indie-alternative and folk influences in field recordings with extensive instrumentation to create an auditory journey through the unseen. With the album released on April 12, 2024, Cosmo sports close to one million monthly listeners.

However, the UK-based artist is not only a nature-influenced multi-instrumentalist, but also a producer, composer, live improviser, and field recordist. His music ranges widely from celebratory anthems to soulful elegies, riotous party numbers, sparse electronic production, haunting polyphonic songs that have grown out of field recordings of birds, whales, fish, frogs, and fungi, and more. Running through all his work is a belief that the living world is a noisy and musical place with the power to change how we think, feel, and imagine. Together with his human and non-human collaborators, Cosmo creates music that speaks to the urgency and possibility of our times.

Cosmo’s song "Come Along" was featured in a global Apple commercial, resulting in the track hitting #1 on Shazam across the world. In 2020, his song Birthday Suit trended on TikTok and has over 75 million streams on platforms with over 1 million video uploads using the track, serving as the best foundation for his new release.

Listen to the album here.

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Eye To The Ear

Cosmo Sheldrake

Release date
April 12, 2024

Tardigrade Records

Digital | Vinyl LP

1. Gnort Or Gnortle
2. Stop The Music
3. Marvellous Clouds
4. I Did And I Don't And I Do
5. Old Ocean
6. By Being With You
7. I Stiched My Mind Back To My Body
8. The Feet Are The Link
9. Half Past Three
10. I To The Maybe Go
11. Tea For Seventeen
12. Breathe Round Corners
13. Run
14. But Once A Child
15. Shiny Is The View
16. The Snapping Of Shrimp
17. More Than A Mountain
18. Lichens
19. Flora's Pond
20. Interdimensional
21. Does The Swallow Dream Of Flying