SAFI feat. Sebastian Madsen - new single

SAFI feat. Sebastian Madsen - new single "Durch Dich Durch"

SAFI teams up with Madsen's Sebastian Madsen for new single from upcoming album "Groteske".

April 24, 2024

"Durch Dich Durch" depicts an interpersonal crisis. Two inflamed tempers in battle assault each other. Inconsistencies are stuffed with gestures and phrases; the unspoken ferments under the skin. Anger and mutual dependence.

Safi's raspy voice tightens the nerves between scratchy guitars and snare shots - wiry, clear, unavoidable. Special guest Sebastian Madsen (MADSEN) cuts vocal exclamation marks into the uncompromising piece. It's about the moment of realization and letting go.

"Durch Dich Durch" was recorded live and produced by Moses Schneider. The video was directed by Miron Zownir, co-directed and edited by Philipp Virus.

SAFI is post-punk, nowave, avant-garde.
"Durch Dich Durch" proclaims the Republic of Failure.

"Durch dich durch" line-up:
Safi: Voc, Git, Samples, Synth
Matthias Becker: Bass
Jörg Wähner: Drums
Special Guest Sebastian Madsen: Voc

Tour dates:
10.05.24   Germany, Freising, Uferlos Festival Freising
20.05.24   Germany, Leipzig, Moritzbastei

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Durch Und Durch

SAFI, Sebastian Madsen

Release date
April 24, 2024

Rookie Records