Seraina Telli's New Album

Seraina Telli's New Album "Addicted to Color" enters #1 on Swiss Album Charts

Ten months after her debut album Swiss artist Seraina Telli makes a bold and resounding return with her follow-up, "Addicted To Color".

August 25, 2023

Robust songs with potent lyrics and plenty of self-proclaimed in-your-face rock. Playful, loud, and even more vibrant, Seraina Telli's second solo album couldn't be named more aptly: "Addicted To Color."

The Swiss multi-talent presents 13 brand new tracks that captivate with their catchy and fresh songwriting. The album is once again crafted in collaboration with Rico Horber as producer and drummer. Both bring together exceptional songwriting, powerful vocals, musical versatility, artistic depth, and a strong attitude coupled with authenticity.

You can listen to the tracks here.

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Color Addict Tour:
09.12.23    Switzerland, Zurich, Hallenstadion
18.01.24    Spain, Cantabria, Escenario Santander
19.01.24    Spain, Madrid, Revi Live
20.01.24    Spain, Jaén, Rock States Food and Drink
25.01.24    Switzerland, Seewen, Gaswerk Eventbar
26.01.24    Switzerland, Boswil, Restaurant Löwen


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Addicted To Color

Seraina Telli

Release date
August 25, 2023


Digital | Limited CD-Box | Vinyl LP

1. Song For The Girls
2. Monkey & Zookeeper
3. Left Behind
4. Addicted To Color
5. The Harder Way
6. Wish You Well
7. Hit Shit
9. If No One Else Had Ever Been There Before
10. Colors Of My Soul
11. Be Somebody
12. Think
13. All Your Tears