Mad Hatter's Daughter release sophomore album "Where Are We Runnin"

Mad Hatter's Daughter release their second studio album, taking a more Alternative Pop direction. 

June 03, 2022

The idea behind “Mad Hatter’s Daughter” came to Buzz T. Isles the very first time he heard his wife Kira sing. Having worked as an audio engineer, he knew she had something special. A few months later, the couple released a cover of Trent Reznor’s “Hurt”. The subsequent popularity of the video with its raving reviews inspired the duo to go even further.

The duo invited British friend and songwriter Josiah Smithson to the party. The creative combination of all three members clicked immediately and opened doors to the UK in a rekindling of the historically significant musical relationship between Hamburg and England.

Their first EPs “Life Affairs” and ”Walk with me” secured the band over 3 million streams and 20 weeks of airplay in the German Charts. After a sold out tour in Germany and a few small festivals in the UK, the band joined forces with Grammy-nominated engineer Jeremy Murphy (Adele, Sam Smith, Emeli Sande, Robbie Williams) to work on their upcoming album “Where Are We Runnin”. Jez helped to achieve the dynamic sound the band were after, one that could tip its hat to both younger and older generations.

With "Where Are We Runnin" they went into a more alternative pop direction - navigating between songs like the catchy "Digging In The Dirt", the tender "Falling", the anthemic "All The Way" or "Of This Earth", a reminder of being kind to mother earth. 

Get / listen to "Where Are We Runnin" here: 

The band says: "We’ve put three years of our hearts and souls into this album and we’re super-fuckin-proud of what we’ve created. Thanks so much to everyone involved, it’s been a wonderful journey and wouldn’t have been possible without all of you*! The album contains happy songs and sad songs and some songs about issues that we really need to pay attention to!"



28/07/22 DORTMUND - JunkYard Open Air - Support for Di-Rect
29/07/22 DÜSSELDORF - GoldMucke Sommeredition - Support for Di-Rect
05/08/22 KÖNIGSLUTTER - Sommernacht am Kaiserdom
06/08/22 KÖNIGSLUTTER - Sommernacht am Kaiserdom

09/09/22 HAMBURG
10/09/22 KIEL
11/09/22 FLENSBURG
14/09/22 LIVERPOOL
15/09/22 LONDON
18/09/22 CAMBRIDGE
29/09/22 LEIPZIG
30/09/22 DRESDEN
02/10/22 STUTTGART 
03/10/22 KÖLN
08/10/22 POTSDAM
09/10/22 HANNOVER

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Where Are We Runnin

Mad Hatter's Daughter

Release date
June 3, 2022

Urban Acoustics

Vinyl LP | Digital 

1. Life's Short
2. Falling
3. Wolves
4. All The Way
5. The House Of My Head
6. Boundaries
7. Love You Alone
8. A Fork In The Road
9. Of This World
10. Junkyard Hearts
11. Diggin In The Dirt
12. Shout It Out
13. Time's Runnin Out
14. Who Am I To Tell You
15. Fire

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