Happy birthday to Udo Dirkscheider, who just released a new live album with his band U.D.O.

Happy birthday to Udo Dirkscheider, who just released a new live album with his band U.D.O.

We're celebrating one of German heavy metal's greatest musicians by listening to U.D.O.'s brand new album "Live In Bulgaria 2020"

April 06, 2021

U.D.O present the fifth live album by the heavy metal legends. The year 2020 was very challenging, but U.D.O. managed to play a fantastic show according to COVID-19 guidelines. The concert took place in the breathtaking Amphi theater in Plovdiv / Bulgaria and with 2500 people in the audience was one of the biggest corona concerts worldwide. This feeling is perfectly captured in the live recording. 

"It felt more than strange not seeing my fellow musicians for so long and not playing with them," describes Udo Dirkschneider. “Normal is exactly the largest part of my life. It was suddenly switched off. The interpersonal relationships, sitting together, everything that you share with your colleagues away from the stage, suddenly disappeared. "

Besides this, frontman and one of the all time heavy metal greats, Udo Dirkschneider, has his birthday today. Congratulations, Udo! 

Get the album "Live In Bulgaria - Pandemic Survival Show" here. The album even entered into the German top 10 charts! 

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Live In Bulgaria - Pandemic Survival Show


Release date
March 19, 2021

AFM Records

Digital | CD/DVD | CD/Blu-Ray | Limited Vinyl Edition (audio only)

CD1 01  Tongue Reaper
CD1 02  Make The Move  
CD1 03  Midnight Mover  
CD1 07  Rose In The Desert 
CD1 08  Vendetta 
CD1 09  Rising High 
CD1 13  Princess Of The Dawn

CD2 04  Hungry And Angry 
CD2 05  One Heart One Soul 
CD2 06  Man And Machine 
CD2 09  Metal Heart
CD2 10  Fast As Shark 
CD2 11  Balls To The Wall
CD2 12  Outro (Stillness Of Time) 

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