JOELZ x NLE Choppa - New single

JOELZ x NLE Choppa - New single "To The Fullest"

The German star teams up with US rap star NLE Choppa in their newest release.

March 29, 2024

German rapper JOELZ, formerly known as Lil Shrimp, joins forces with multi-platinum selling US rapper NLE Choppa. The two combine their signature German, as well as English, rap styles in the unexpected fusion track "To The Fullest".

Berlin native JOELZ is not only the leader of the Scampi Gang, but also the favorite newcomer of your favorite rappers! From the supporting program of Capital Bra in the SLS of Gringo, taught by Sido, JOELZ storms the German rap scene with skills, irony and style. After major hits, such as "Ritz", "Bunte Ballons" and "Diddy" - all reaching millions in streams - the rapper has found a match in energy with the US with rapper NLE Choppa. Sporting more than 5.5 billion total streams, 14 RIAA-certified plaques, 18 million combined followers, and two 2023 singles that ranked on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts, NLE Choppa has many accomplishments under his belt. His songs about overcoming struggles and celebrating wins have won support from Billboard, The New York Times, Forbes, GQ, and Complex.

It is no surprise that together both rappers join their massive international audiences, creating a track already streamed by millions.

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To The Fullest

JOELZ x NLE Choppa

Release date
March 29, 2024

Scampi Gang