Rhapsody Of Fire - New album

Rhapsody Of Fire - New album "Challenge The Wind"

The unstoppable power metal band release their fourteenth studio album cherished by fans.

May 31, 2024

For more than 30 years, fans of symphonic melodic metallers Rhapsody Of Fire have been able to rely on one thing: This band knows no half-heartedness. Their leader and founder Alex Staropoli has now released an impressive 14 studio albums, three EPs and two live albums, all of which are characterized by passion and a source of ideas that is clearly never-ending. Since 1993, the Italian keyboardist has been regarded as the inventor of the music genre of film score metal and Rhapsody Of Fire as one of the most charismatic formations in the world. Staropoli and guitarist De Micheli also characterize the latest studio album 'Challenge The Wind' with their joy of playing, but also with a few surprises. The most obvious: “In contrast to all previous Rhapsody Of Fire records, the current album only has fast songs and not a single ballad,” reveals the composer and keyboard virtuoso, “we've never had as much metal as on ‘Challenge The Wind’!”

Staropoli talks about three particularly fast-paced numbers - at more than 190bpm - including the title track 'Challenge The Wind', 'The Bloody Pariah' and 'Holy Downfall'. He says: “All the new songs are typical of Rhapsody Of Fire, but even more compact, harder and more powerful.

Listen to the album here.

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Tour dates:
05.11.24 Germany, Essen, Turock
06.11.24 Germany, Hamburg, LOGO
18.11.24 Switzerland, Pratteln, Z7 Konzertfabrik
24.11.24 Austria, Vienna, Viper Room
25.11.24 Germany, Munich, Backstage Halle

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Challenge The Wind

Rhapsody Of Fire

Release date
May 31, 2024

AFM Records

Digital | Limited Coloured Vinyl LP | CD

1. Challenge The Wind
2. Whispers Of Doom
3. The Bloody Pariah
4. Vanquished By Shadows
5. Kreel's Magic Staff
6. Diamond Claws
7. Black Wizard
8. A Brave New Hope
9. Holy Downfall
10. Mastered By The Dark