Crimson Veil - new single

Crimson Veil - new single "Flinch"

Crimson Veil release music video for apocalyptic debut single

May 23, 2024

Dark alternative metal act CRIMSON VEIL may still be a mystery to some parts of the metal world, but that is to finally be changed as the UK based four-piece showcase their signature sound with debut single 'Flinch' today. The track is also part of the band's first offering titled "Hex," which is set to mesmerize the worldwide audience from September 20, 2024 (Reigning Phoenix Music) and can be pre-ordered (jewel-case CD, black & red opaque vinyl in gatefold, digital) and pre-saved now, here:

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Vocal aesthete Mishkin Fitzgerald comments, "'Flinch' is about the end of the world. As humanity, we are careening into a mass extinction due to our own choices and a lot of the time it feels like there is nothing that will stop it."

'Flinch' is something different for thinking listeners: it's a dualistic song that transitions effortlessly between aggression and euphoria. It opens with a classical string quartet arranged by Hana Piranha, drawing the listener in before exploding into atonal guitar riffs, accompanied by deep guttural death growls. At the complete opposite end of the genre spectrum, the song breaks away into trippy, dream-like soundscapes and eventually climaxes into a glorious guitar solo from Garry Mitchell. Tasteful and driving drums from Anna Mylee flawlessly carry the audience through this musical maze, while Fitzgerald flips between ethereal soft vocals into deep growls.

01.06.2024 CZ Pilsen - Metalfest

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Crimson Veil

Release date
May 23, 2024

Reigning Phoenix Music