Herbert Grönemeyer - new single

Herbert Grönemeyer - new single "Deine Hand"

One of the greatest German rock singers with his new single "Deine Hand"

November 18, 2022

 „Hoffnung ist gerade so schwer zu finden“ ("Hope is so hard to find right now")

The world, with its manifold crises near and far, seems particularly painful these days. And hope, between inflation and wars, between hatred, exhaustion and cold, is scarce. 

„Fühl mich blind für Perspektiven, die uns weiterbringen“ ("Feel blind to perspectives that will take us forward")

But even if the future seems bleak and we can no longer see a way out because of all the noise, there is still a way forward, to a better world. Or at least to hope for it. It lies in the hands of a loved one, in community, standing together, bridges we build together. Not in hardness, but in tenderness lies strength, in love, friendship, warmth. 

„Deine Hand gibt mir den Halt, den ich so dringend brauch’“ ("Your hand gives me the support I need so badly") 

Grönemeyer is back. And announces with "Deine Hand", his first single since 2019, the album to be released in spring 2023. 

"Deine Hand" is the ideal song for these less than ideal times. He does not close his eyes to the impositions of the present, embraces our collective overtiredness and warms us in the cold of our time. With a minimalist instrumentation, which reflects his so emotional as minimalist language, Grönemeyer goes step by step and word by word into a lighter future. And takes us with him. To where your hand in my hand is all we need. 

„Wir können uns noch retten“ ("We can still save ourselves") Hope may be hard to find, but Herbert Grönemeyer has brought it to us. Not a second too soon. 

"Deine Hand" will be released on November 18. Listen here: https://herbertgroenemeyer.lnk.to/DeineHand 

The single is accompanied by a beautiful video showcasing the song's message. That video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUF13nAU5Ao , as well as an interview about the single with Klaas Heufer-Umlauf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyCTuZTNoZE.  

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Deine Hand

Herbert Grönemeyer

Release date
November 18, 2022

Grönland | Universal Music GmbH