Sinan Mercenk released his new album

Sinan Mercenk released his new album "INDIVIDUALITY"

With "INDIVIDUALITY" the Berlin based music producer Sinan Mercenk dropped his third album via ideedeluxe Records on Dec 8th.

December 10, 2017

‘Individuality’ is the third album of berlin based music producer Sinan Mercenk. The 15 tracks were partly created in Istanbul and Berlin and with participation of various artists like Pat Appleton (De-Phazz), Anne Schnell (Jojo Effect), Nathalie Claude, Jen H Ka from Paris, Nikola Materne, Miss Natasha Enquist, Chui-Min Yoo (Alice Francis) and Aycan Kato (daughter of Günseli Kato).

On this album Mercenk experimented with sounds off the genres Electronica, Deep House, Downbeat, Soulful Music, Bossa and Synth Pop.

Sinan Mercenk is by far more than your regular studio musician. He is a producer, songwriter, a radio programmer and a skilled DJ as well. If Sinan is djing, he delivers a set full of variety and is always looking beyond his own nose.

Sinan Mercenk


ideedeluxe records

Release date
8th December, 2017



01. Never Sleep
02. Better Than Your Dreams – Feat. Jen H Ka
03. Hold Me In The Dark – Feat. Aycan Kato
04. Liliths Lament – Feat. Pat Appleton
05. Free Of You – Feat. Nathalie Claude
06. Creation – Feat. Nikola Materne
07. Memory Games – Feat. Miss Natasha Enquist
08. Misona – Feat. Gabriela Gottschalk
09. On In A Million – Feat. Chui Min Yoo
10. La Plage – Feat. Jen H Ka
11. Fool Paradise
12. The Warning
13. Galata Couture
14. You Didn’t Even Try? – Feat. Anne Schnell15. Au Bout Du Compte – Feat. Jen H Ka

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