THE GREAT WINNETOU TRILOGY – 25.12.2016 * 27.12.2016 * 29.12.2016

FILM SCORE based on MARTIN BÖTTCHER’s legendary Karl May “Winnetou“ film works

50 years after the cult „Winnetou“ films a new trilogy about the famous Apache chief’s adventures is back on the screen! RTL Television, Rat Pack, Tabbenoca, RTVS and Beta Film created an „event trilogy“ for TV and got creative duo Stölzl / Berger („Der Medicus“) on board. The film is directed by Philipp Stölzl („Der Medicus“, „Nordwand“, „Goethe!“), the screenwriter is Jan Berger („Der Medicus“, „Die Tür“, „Wir Sind Die Nacht“) and co-writer Alexander M. Rümelin („Der Vulkan“, „Ratten“, „Transporter“) for the second film. All films were shot in the stunning sceneries of Croatia and will be aired on RTL over Christmas 2016.

Karl May’s timeless adventure novels are counted among the German youth literature classics. By selling over 200 million Winnetou novels Karl May became an idol for generations of young people, and one of the most popular German authors of all times. His main characters such as „Winnetou“, „Kara Ben Nemsi“ or „Old Shatterhand“ are deeply rooted in the fans’ hearts.

The combination of today’s film stars and the special charm of the old films will carry on the magic of this adventurous world!

In the trilogy „Winnetou – Eine Neue Welt“ (RTL, 25.12.2016), „Winnetou – Das Geheimnis vom Silbersee“ (RTL, 27.12.2016) und „Winnetou – Der Letzte Kampf“ (RTL, 29.12.2016) the heroes of our childhood are brought back to life! The legendary friendship of German immigrant Karl May alias Old Shatterhand and Apache chief Winnetou is dusted off and presented on a modern, emotional and fascinating journey through America’s Wild West.

We’re very proud to announce that film score composer Heiko Maile and his team have composed, arranged and recorded the film score and integrated major parts of the legendary Karl May „Winnetou“ film works composed by Martin Böttcher for the WINNETOU TRILOGY. The score was recorded by famous Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg in Babelsberg/ Potsdam. Böttcher’s unforgettable melodies from the 1960s will continue the „Winnetou“ film legacy.

„Winnetou – Der Mythos lebt” trailer:

Starring: Wotan Wilke Möhring, Nik Xhelilaj, Milan Peschel, Iazua Larios, Jürgen Vogel, Oliver Masucci, Fahri Yardim, Matthias Matschke, Mario Adorf, Michael Maertens, Henny Reents and more

Film director: Philipp Stölzl

Story: based on Karl May’s „Winnetou“ novels

Film script: Jan Berger with Alexander Rümelin, Philipp Stölzl

Film producer: Christian Becker
Producer Mythos Film: Christoph Müller
Co-Producer Rialto Film: Matthias Wendlandt, Felix Wendlandt
Co-Producer: Marcus Englert

Music Consultant: Klaus Frers – Daydream Music

Original film score composed, arranged and recorded: Heiko Maile and team
Based on Martin Böttcher’s „Winnetou“ film works
Orchestra: Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg!/trailer

Winnetou Winnetou Winnetou Winnetou