Super excited to announce following Reeperbahn Festival 2017 showcases

Check out these artists performing during this event!


Her first contract with a major label Natalie Findlay already signed at the age of 17. But the teenager from Manchester felt rather enchained and soon wanted to get back her freedom. Meanwhile the singer with the throaty voice turned 25 and she has founded her own label called Mint Records. On her album “Forgotten Pleasures” Findlay crosses the genres all the time. She is keen on Motown soul, psychedelic rock, blues as well as hip hop.
In search of her own sound she talks of states of emergency on her album. She describes London, town of her residence now, the broken souls, the chaotic moods, a constant lust for life, the yearning for love, failures and the ever present doubts. Stylistically you can’t tag Findlay. She has the fury and the guts of a Riot Grrrl, but plays melancholic melodies on the piano, she quotes from the synthie pop of the 80ies and also includes elements of indie rock. The cosmos of Findlay is ready for discovery, there is lots for the ears. Let’s go!

Sunday (Festival day: Saturday), 24th of Sept’2017 / 12:00 am – Venue: Terrace Hill, Feldstrasse 66, 20359 Hamburg



Gizmo Varillas is originally from Spanish town Santander and firstly moved to London to study documentary film making. But then he found himself playing music on the streets of Southern France. Meanwhile he has returned back to Great Britain in order to commit himself pursuing his musical career intensively. After launching a small summer hit last year with „Gotta Getaway”, his debut album has just been released called „El Dorado“. It is packed with twelve songs, full of lightness and feel-good approach. The singer and guitarist from Spain moves stylistically between folk, tropical pop, a touch of reggae and easy going funk. His single „Give A Little Love” got produced, arranged and recorded by Varillas in his London bedroom. It has a definite potential for an ear-worm. It is beautifully catchy with a groove reminiscent of 1960ies pop, letting the sunshine out of any loudspeaker.

Thursday, 21st of Sept’2017 / 10:30 pm – Venue: Prinzenbar Kastanienallee 20, 20359 Hamburg

Gizmo Varillas


Novo Amor’s music takes listeners by the hand and escorts them gently through the depths of life. The multi-instrumentalist from Wales thrills with his dabbed on guitar chords and his unique emotional voice which seems to be coming from the depths of anti folk. It has remained his secret so far why he uses the Portuguese version of “new love” as his alter ego.
“Bathing Beach” (Believe Records) is the talented musician‘s second EP on the market. The music sounds like endless expanses, the beauty of nature and the sea. Lyrics like the ones from “Anchor” are also full of all kinds of maritime references and metaphors. Like the enchanting photographs which have adorned all of his record covers so far. Whoever dives into the Novo Amor’s music, feels curiously light and winged afterwards. This is all one can wish for from an authentic songwriter.

Friday, 22nd of Sept’2017 / 9:10 pm – Venue: St. Pauli-Kirche (church), Pinnasberg 80, 20359 Hamburg

Novo Amor


After their debut album “We Colour The Night“ (2013) and the EP “Skin“ (2016) the first precursor of the second LP by Farewell Dear Ghost – due for release this autumn – has appeared: the single “Pink Noise“. And again the Austrian band delivers a convincing electro pop which is catchy and groovy. Within recent years the band around Philipp Szalay has built a solid live reputation as well. They’ve been at many festivals in Europe, and they supported Nada Surf and The Jezabels, even touring through China.
In the beginning Farewell Dear Ghost was a mere solo project of Szalay’s but in the meantime it has turned into a quartet, harmonizing perfectly and providing stylish songs in bulk. Some tracks have a lot of pathos coming through, but the indie band also knows to serve the right dose of those means. Some of their tunes have been used for commercials: “Fade Out“ for the campaign of a telephone company, “Fire“ for a shipping company. Strong hints of the catchy qualities of their melodies.

Wednesday, 20th of Sept’2017 / 8:00 pm – Venue: Indra, Grosse Freiheit 64, 20359 Hamburg

Farewell Dear Ghost