Stone Foundation new album „Street Rituals“ out on March 31st, 2017 (100% Records)

The musical bond between Neil Sheasby and Neil Jones is as concrete as their band name: Stone Foundation. The two Neils came to soul music from very different backgrounds. Sheasby hit adolescence as the early 80s mod revival reached critical mass, heeding the call of Dexys and The Jam to follow their muse back to Stax, Motown and the infinite riches of Northern Soul. Jones, on the other hand, was a fan of old skool hip hop but his detective work to decipher the many samples and breakbeats eventually led to a similar record collection. The two Neils met in the late 90s at a gig in London, both playing in different bands, and when their respective groups split up bassist Sheasby asked vocalist Jones if he’d be interested in writing songs together. That was nearly 20 years ago…

Now Stone Foundation are about to release their new studio album „Street Rituals“ on March 31st, 2017 via 100% Records. The band’s 4th album was produced by Paul Weller who also features on all the tracks (piano, guitar & vocal including lead vocals on „Your Balloon Is Rising“). Having been hugely impressed by Stone Foundation’s previous endeavors, Paul personally contacted the band to propose the idea of working together. Paul Weller on the band and record: „These are dark, dark times so I was glad to hear a positive voice and vibrations in the words and a joy in the music…what a pleasure and a privilege it was to work with these fellas.“ Neil Sheasby added „Paul pretty much joined the band for the recording sessions, playing guitar, piano and adding vocals to several songs as well as overseeing the production of the record.“

Elsewhere on the album there are stunning contributions from legendary soul singers William Bell who lends his voice to „Strange People“, and the unmistakable tones of Bettye Lavette, providing the lead on „Season of Change“. The collaboration between Stone Foundation and these internationally celebrated artists cement the band’s incredible reputation as one of the finest British Soul bands in existence.

Stone Foundation will be touring extensively throughout 2017 in the UK and Europe with additional dates and major festivals worldwide to support the album release.

Check out Street Rituals Album Teaser

„Your Balloon is Rising (feat. Paul Weller)“

“Season of Change (feat. Bettye LaVette)”

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Stone Foundation
Album: Street Rituals
Label: 100% Records
Release date: March 31st, 2017