Sinan Mercenk Berlin EP

“Berlin, Du bist so Wunderbar” (Berlin, You’re so wonderful) is a love song – without being kitschy.

This time Sinan Mercenk comes along with a lot of swag, irony and sex appeal with a sip of funk and smooth disco beats that go way deeper – just like crazy Berlin nights that everyone craves for.… The 6 deep house tracks take you to a laid back level, without however losing sight of the glitzy disco ball area.
Sinan Mercenk Berlin E.P.This is Sinan’s view of Berlin. Enjoy Sinan Mercenk „Berlin E.P.“ and check out the video.


Sinan Mercenk Berlin E.P.







01 Berlin Du Bist So Wunderbar
02 Dreamer
03 Feel The Real
04 Lovin
05 We Sit In The Sun And Wait
06 You Push The Button For Me

Sinan Mercenk
EP: Berlin E.P.
Label: ideedeluxe records
Format: digital only
Release date: January 20th, 2017