Record Kicks – Funk Sides

Funk Sides” is a new compilation featuring 14 deep funk cuts taken from the Record Kick’s vaults.

Under its motto “The explosive sound from Today’s scene“, Milan-based independent label Record Kicks, together with similar outfits like Daptone, Jazzman, Freestyle or Timmion Records, has been pitching the so-called “Deep Funk” scene for 14 years.

After the previous installment “Soul Sides” with “Funk Sides” there comes another irresistibly infectious compilation made of 14 heavy funk pearls from the Record Kicks vaults. Featuring tracks from Marta Ren & The Groovelvets, The Liberators, Hannah Williams & The Affirmations, Dojo Cuts, Martha High & Osaka Monaurail, Calibro 35 and many more.








Album: Funk Sides
Release date: December 15, 2017

01. Marta Ren & The Groovelvets – 2 Kinds Of Men
02. Floyd Lawson – Roof Top Sugar
03. Martha High – Unwind Yourself
04. The Tibbs – Suffocated
05. Trio Valore – #LiarsAndCheaters
06. The Liberators – Water Somewhere (feat. Roxie Ray)
07. Baby Charles – Invisible
08. Il Complesso Di Tad‡ – Movimentato
09. Early Clover & The Georgia Soul Drifters – Freedom
10. Hannah Williams & The Affirmations – Still In My Head
11. Calibro 35 – You Filthy Bastards!
12. Dojo Cuts – Easy To Come Home (feat. Roxie Ray)
13. Third Coast Kings – Cop It Proper
14. Tanika Charles – Endless Chain