Paul Janke & Ceresia SAY

Paul Janke, the German “The Bachelor” (RTL), television actor and model is about to release a brand-new single titled „SAY“ together with the U.S. female singer Ceresia.

The music is written by our famous film composer and includes parts of his milestone “Winnetou Melodie”. Combined with Ceresias wonderful voice, a driving beat and a brilliant production by the German well-known “Voodoo” genius Reinhard Reith and “Milk & Sugar” member Steffen Harning, “SAY” will become a top hit on worldwide dance floors.

Paul and Ceresia just recently shot a music video in New York City which will be released soon. More information here.

Paul Janke & Ceresia brand-new Single: Say
Paul Janke & Ceresia Say Radio Mix
Paul Janke & Ceresia Say Extended Mix
Paul Janke & Ceresia Say DJ Kim Remix
Paul Janke & Ceresia Say DJ Kim Edit
Paul Janke & Ceresia Say Knaarz Mix

Produced by Steffen Harning, Reinhard Raith & Paul Janke for Voodoo Music GmbH
Written by Martin Böttcher (Winnetou-Melodie), Ceresia Blanchard, Steffen Harning, and Sonja Raith

Paul Janke







Release via VooDoo Music
Pre-Order the single „SAY” at Beatport: 31.07.2015
All Stores: August 21st, 2015