Novo Amor new EP „Bathing Beach“ release May 26th

Welsh based NOVO AMOR is releasing his first track „Carry You“ from the EP „Bathing Beach“ and we’re happy to announce that the single is co-written by BDI’s Ed Tullett!

Ali Lacey aka NOVO AMOR describes the song „Carry You“ as „an expression of nostalgia, a wistful nod to a certain period of time“. Lacey also says that „the idea to title the EP „Bathing Beach“ comes from an illustrated postcard of a shore in New York State, a place that was my home for a summer back in 2011“ and adds that the music exerts a calmness that was present during his time there, the idea of it being a place where the land meets the water almost felt like the perfect place to let something go, or set something free.

The song „Carry You“ conveys nature’s tranquillity, its’ sense of freedom and wanderlust, a vision of a wild world lightyears away from the modern life.

Check out the official video of „Carry You” here:

Bathing Beach