Novo Amor & Ed Tullett have announced Heiress, their first collaborative album and shared new track “Cavalry”!

First Heiress cut “Cavalry” swoops through five minutes of cloud-wrapped folk peaks and windswept gorges of Bon Iver-y despair.

It’s a soul-rattling opus that takes you on two vastly different journeys – on the surface you go forth into desolate moors or frostbitten highlands, but underneath, in the tangled words, you head deep inside Lacey, Tullett, and perhaps even your own mind.

Here you can listen to „Cavalry”:

The very talented pair are familiar with each other’s since a meeting in November 2013. Ed Tullett and Novo Amor (Ali Lacey) quickly began writing to form the basis of what is now “Heiress”, their upcoming full-length collaborative record. Recorded around the release of their two widely lauded collaborative singles (“Faux”, 2014 and “Alps”, 2016), Ed Tullett and Novo Amor worked sporadically in intense week-long sessions in Cardiff spilling over Lacey’s old and new home-studios, tearing songs down and building them back up again. “Heiress” is noticeably the product of nearly 4 years work – sprawling, ambitious and strikingly deep, it’s a collection of songs both meticulously calculated and deeply felt. The record swings between delicate, poetic falsetto and vast walls of towering beauty – something “Cavalry” does all on its own. “Silvery” is a vital, grandiose inauguration, and the magical “Terraform” a celebratory realisation that you’re back on your own Earth again.

Novo Amor will play a few shows in Germany. Ed Tullett will also accompany novo Amor on his tour. Check it out!

20 Sep – Lido – Berlin, Germany
21 Sep – Kulturkirche – Cologne, Germany
22 Sep – Reeperbahn Festival – Hamburg, Germany

The album „Heiress” is out November 10th via Believe/Allpoints!