Martin Böttcher meets the „new“ Winnetou team in Potsdam-Babelsberg

In December 2016, right around Christmas time, RTL will be showing three remakes of the legendary Karl May „Winnetou“ films named „Winnetou – Eine neue Welt“, „Winnetou – Das Geheimnis vom Silbersee“ and „Winnetou – Der Letzte Kampf“.

While recording the new soundtrack, music producer Heiko Maile and his team received VIP visit by famous composer of the original „Winnetou“ film music, Martin Böttcher.
Heiko Maile has picked up themes and motives of the original score for the new arrangements and invited Böttcher to join him and the Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg in the studio along with Christian Becker (Rat Pack Film), the film producer of the new „Winnetou“ remakes and Klaus Frers (Daydream Music & Media).

Martin Böttcher was very pleased with the „modern arrangements of his timeless melodies“, and him and Jutta Bächner (Schacht Musikverlage) were „very much enjoying the live recordings in the midst of the orchestra lot“.

For Martin Böttcher whose career started in the 1940s, the 2016 remakes of „Winnetou“ stand for a new encounter with Karl May. Ever since the 1962 film adaptation of „Der Schatz im Silbersee“ Böttcher has composed film scores for many „Winnetou“ films – in the 1960s he wrote the soundtrack for ten Karl May film adaptations altogether.

Anyone who’d like to watch a sneak peek of the score recording with the Filmorchester Babelsberg please check here:

Lights down and roll the film. Winnetou rides again!