Lotto King Karl 360° new album release May 12th (Rodeostar/Soulfood)

There are so many stories about Lotto King Karl, even the greatest fan can’t remember all of them. Some of these stories are told by the Hamburg musician himself, appearing on radio and TV shows, as an actor, host or stadium speaker at games of his favourite local football club HSV – but above all as a songwriter and passionate live musician on stage.

For more than two decades this workaholic has left nothing out in his life full of curiosity and pure pleasure!

After six years of hard work, sweat and love the day has finally arrived: Lotto King Karl’s new album „360°“ (360 degrees) is coming out on May 12th, 2017! „For me, creativity doesn’t flow under pressure, I have to be convinced of what we do, I can’t force the muse to inspire me! And since this just doesn’t happen every day, working on an album can take quite a few years.“. In 1995 his first single „Ich Hab’ Den Jackpot“ was released, followed by the 1996 album „Weiss’ Bescheid?!“. There have been nine further albums released until 2011, a new release every 18 months „such a high frequency can’t go on forever, otherwise all your energy will be used up at some point“ Lotto admits and refers to further highlights of his career, such as the participation at the German Eurovision Song Contest in 2000, a role in the film comedy „Der Letzte Lude“ (The last pimp) in 2003, Niels Ruf’s sidekick in his show „Kamikaze“ (VIVA II), host and co-host in TV shows such as RTL’s „chart show“ and radio host and columnist of a famous German tabloid newspaper. Even after the release of his last album „Was Ist Eigentlich Mit Frank?“ (What ever happenened to Frank?) Lotto King Karl was anything but idle: he had his own TV shows on Tele 5 and DMAX for which he travelled around the world. „Since 2011 time has just flown by“ Lotto says „for me and my bandmates there has been so much going on“. They were able to „practice“ half of their new songs for the new „360°“ album at their concerts over the years, assessing what the audience likes or not.

In short: Like no other previous album „360°“ reflects Lotto King Karl’s current emotional state as well as 22 years of band history! From a critical, humorous, reflective, honest and sometimes melancholy brush about life, friends, legends, his beloved hometown, private feelings and thoughts to the subject of death.

Lotto King Karl’s lyrics come in many different styles of songs, ranging from sturdy rock to nifty pop structures, from ballads, shanties, singer/songwriter pieces and folky tunes to vocal harmonies and slide guitars with heavy rhythms and funky grooves. The album has been co-written by Lotto’s long-term friends and composers Vince Bahrdt (Udo Lindenberg, Orange Blue), Sami Khatib and album producers/band members Jörn Heilbut and Manne Uhlig (who also form part of his band „Mr. Macho Y Los Muchos Macho Muchachos“). Further songs from the album were written by former band member Frank Ramond (Truck Stop, Puhdys, Roger Cicero), Martin Engler (Mono Inc., Joachim Witt), Jens Carstens (Udo Lindenberg, Selig, Heinz Rudolf Kunze), Claus Grabke (Thumb, Alternative Allstars), Sebastian Niehoff (Stoppok), Lennart A. Salomon (Thomas D., Max Mutzke) and Stefan Endrigkeit (Ina Müller, Jamiroquai). Currently Lotto’s most important and long-term band colleagues are Jörn Heilbut (guitars), Manne Uhlig (drums) and Tom Aeschbacher (keyboards): „they are my „B Street Band“ who will join me on my first acoustic tour in May“ Lotto exclaims with a twinkle in his eye (as he’s referring to Bruce Springsteen’s „E Street Band“). Later in the year concerts with the „old“, bigger line-up will continue.

Generally there is a recurring theme in his songs, a special concern that Lotto addresses „Tolerance and serenity are the most important cornerstones in my life. Tolerance towards others, but also towards one’s own failures, if out of 30 ideas you have to bury 20 because they’re simply not good. For me any constructive contradiction is a helpful lesson in order to avoid an „island situation“.“ And of course, humor also plays an important role in „360°“, such as in songs like „Elvis lebt in Bielefeld“ (Elvis lives in Bielefeld) or „Im Himmel gibt’s keinen Alkohol“ (There’s no booze in heaven). „Sometimes these songs result from crazy ideas after we’ve had a few to drink“ Lotto explains with a grin on his face. Lotto King Karl celebrates his songs about life’s absurdities, bizarre thoughts and amiable character traits, always in a witty and self-mockering way.

„360°“ would not be a true Lotto King Karl album without a love declaration to his hometown Hamburg as illustrated in songs such as the 80s vibe „100.000 Nächte“ (100.000 nights), „Ole“ or „Nichts So Schön Wie Hier“ (Nothing’s as beautiful as here). „If you travel as much as I do you know what home means. Coming home after a long journey and looking at the famous „Michel“ and the Hamburg Harbour you really know where you belong. The idea of writing „100.000 Nächte“ came to us while we were on one of our many nightly travels from concerts through the city, passing places of our past.“ In addition, Lotto dedicates the song „Hermann“ to the late HSV football physio therapist Hermann Rieger who passed away in 2014.

Undoubtedly, Lotto King Karl is a cosmopolitan. Though his heart is set on Hamburg his spirit roams through the world and shows his open-mindedness, his „thinking out of the box“ for which „360°“ is a perfect example. And of course, Lotto is already looking to the future, making plans for an illustrated book project. And a few weeks ago he released a Hamburg slang version of „Asterix bei den Briten / Asterix boaie Briedn“. „As I have been throughout my life I continue to be open and up for anything that may come!“

Lotto on tour 2017:

May 13th – Hamburg, Stadtpark Open Air
May 15th – Frankfurt, Nachtleben
Mai 16th – Düsseldorf, The TUBE
Mai 17th – Dortmund, FZW
June 9th – Buxtehude, Altstadtfest


Lotto King Karl
Album: 360°
Label: Rodeostar Entertainment GmbH (Soulfood)
Release date: May 12th, 2017

Track list:

Manuel Neuer
360 Grad
Bild von Dir
Die Welt ist bunt
Dieses Leben
Nichts so schön wie hier
Elvis lebt in Bielefeld
100.000 Nächte
Im Himmel gibt´s keinen Alkohol
Schnell brennendes Mädchen
Laß´ mich in Ruhe
Stephanie nie
Ich liege nirgendwo richtig

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