Georg Hartwig

Producer – Songwriter – Recording





Credits include

Sir Tom Jones, Valerie (Eurovision Song Contest), Helgi Jonsson (Sigur Ros), Farewell Dear Ghost, Pumali Panthers, Sawoff Shotgun (all Writer/Producer)


Studio Equipment:
ProMac, Logic 9 + UAD Satellite.
A variety of mics is available (Vintage Neumann etc).
Preamps: Telefunken V72 to Vintage Siemens and Neumann.
Instruments amongst many others: Fender Jazzbass 69, Vintage Stratocaster and Les Paul, Fender Rhodes, Juno106, Korg Poly6, Martin D28.
Vintage Amps from Selmer via Vox to Fender.


SMV Schacht Musikverlage GmbH & Co. KG

Phone: +49 40 37 41 12 16