We are very pleased to announce that Martin Böttcher will be presented with the „GEMA MUSIKAUTORENPREIS 2016“ award for „Lebenswerk“ / „Lifetime Achievement“.

This is the second time Martin Böttcher will be honoured with a GEMA award after having received the prestigious honary award „Ehrenpreis des Deutschen Filmmusikpreises“ / „German Film Music Lifetime Achievement Award“ in 2014. He has also been awarded with the „Edgar-Wallace-Preis in Gold“ for his outstanding contribution to the genre of German Detective Films, and moreover received the „Federal Cross of Merit with Ribbon“ for his lifetime achievement as a musical composer.

In over 60 years of composing Martin Böttcher has achieved worldwide fame. Hardly any German film classic or TV series hit of the 60s ,70s and 80s can be imagined without the dramatic background strings composed by Martin Böttcher. Karl May’s Winnetou and Old Shatterhand gallop over the plains to Böttcher’s music in the popular film adaptations „Winnetou“, „Der Schatz im Silbersee“ („The Treasure of the Silver Lake“) or „Der Ölprinz“ („The Oil Prince“). The famous detective Edgar Wallace sheds light on criminal cases accompanied by his sound and German TV producer Christian Wolff ranges through the woods of „Forsthaus Falkenau“ accompanied by Böttcher’s soundtrack.

His music makes the film characters come alive: the powerful sound sends shivers down the spine before changing over to a light and happy tone to end the tune. Due to Böttcher’s music Oswalt Kolle’s educational films are all the more amusing!

Böttcher has been credited in countless other TV series’, ranging from „Der Alte“ to „Derrick“, or „Sonderdezernat K1“ to „Kara Ben Nemsi Efffendi“ – his music is omnipresent and has left a strong mark on the German film and television landscape.

In their annual award show on May 12th, 2016 in Berlin GEMA will be honouring music composers and songwriters and will be presenting the „Lifetime Achievement Award“ to Martin Böttcher.

Congratulations, Martin!

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