DER DEUTSCHE FILMMUSIKPREIS – Honorary award for Martin Böttcher

A snatch of film music is enough to open ones own inner world and creates great cinema and memories in the mind of the listener. Directors, producers and actors are always  in the spotlight of film awards – but the tribute to music in films often comes off badly. That’s why the IAMA (International Academy of Media and Arts e.V.) and the German union of film composers DEFKOM organized the German film music prize “DER DEUTSCHE FILMMUSIKPREIS”. It is awarded for the first time ever at Steintor Varieté in Halle (Saale) on October 23rd 2014 .

What we already can reveal is, that this year’s “DER DEUTSCHE FILMMUSIKPREIS” honorary prize will be awarded to the highly esteemed composer Martin Böttcher (“Winnetou”, “Der Schatz im Silbersee”, etc.). We congratulate!