Atonalist release new album „Atonalism“ feat. Gavin Friday

Atonalist just released their new album atonalism on the label Audiotrauma on May 10th.

ATONALIST arose from a meeting of multi-instrumentalist Renaud-Gabriel Pion (collaborator of Antony & the Johnsons, Christophe, John Cale, Dead Can Dance, Lo’Jo, Siouxsie, Arto Lindsay, Hector Zazou and Björk…) and multi-instrumentist Arnaud Fournier (founding member of the bands Hint, La Phaze and Dead Hippies).

Together they create an instinctive music, outside codes, drawing as much in contemporary music, free jazz, non-tempered Oriental modes, as in noise, industrial and electronica.
On half of the tracks, they are joined by Irish singer Gavin Friday (singer of the mythical band Virgin Prunes, composer of film music, and collaborator of U2, The Fall, Coil, Jah Wobble, Howie B…).








Artist: Atonalist feat. Gavin Friday
Album. Atonalism
Release date: 10th May 2017
Format: CD/Vinyl/Digital
All music by Arnaud Fournier and Renaud-Gabriel Pion
Lyrics by Gavin Friday (1, 2, 4, 5, 7)

01. Different To The Others
02. The Road To Perdition
03. Spin 2.0
04. The Philosophers’ Argument
05. Gottesanbeterin
06. Final Prayer
07. Our Fearless Leader
08. Behaviorist
09. Realistic Answer
10. Rocks & Mermaids
11. Massacre Of The Pretenders
12. Persistence #1